Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can singles adopt?
A: Yes! Some countries do allow single parents to adopt successfully. We will help to lead you in the direction of the country that is right for you.Q. How old are the children when they come home?
A. We help to locate children of all ages, but we have been very successful in infant and toddler placements.Q: Can I choose the gender of the child?
A: Some countries do allow you to specify the gender of your child, but some ask that you remain open to a boy or girl. Our contact people in Guatemala are flexible in assigning your preference of child.Q: How can I be certain of the health of a child?
A: You cannot be certain of this with any country you choose in an international adoption. There are always risks, but we seek to help you understand those risks. The children from Guatemala are quite healthy, and there are fewer concerns about environmental pollutants or fetal alcohol exposure.

Q: Am I too old to adopt?
A: Our agency does not place age restrictions on parents, however, we do follow the rules of each country. Guatemala has a flexible upper age limit for parents.